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Staff Directory

Our staff is dedicated to providing quality services to all of our residents. The Norwood Housing Authority staff is continuously at work to achieve a level of excellence that keeps things running smoothly in our community.

Sean G. Barnicle, MCPPO, C-PHM, MPHA

Executive Director

781-762-8115 x 204

Jayne Chen, COS, SHM, PMH, MPHA

Deputy Executive Director

781-762-8115 x 206

Joyce Mulligan

Elderly/Disabled Housing Specialist

781-762-8115 x 202

Michelle Murray

Director of Finance and Human Resources

781-762-8115 x 203

Maribeth Cunningham

Leased Housing Administrator

781-762-8115 x 207

Nancy Tran, C-PHM, COS, MPHA

Assistant Property Manager/COS

781-762-8115 x 201

Jennifer Waldron

Senior Resident Services Coordinator

781-762-8115 x 208

Nina Sullivan

ROSS Service Coordinator


Gary Kuphal, MCPPO, MPHA, MMS

Director of Facilities and Modernization

781-762-8117 x 211

Todd Rego

Operations Manager

781-762-8115 x 205

Patti Sbardella

Maintenance Clerk/Administrative Assistant


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