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About Norwood Housing Authority

Our Mission

The Norwood Housing Authority is dedicated to providing safe, sanitary housing to persons of low and moderate incomes at affordable rates by assembling resources available through the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the Federal Government and other resources as become available.

The NHA looks to create and sustain healthy communities that promote individual responsibility, economic growth and a positive quality of life for those that we serve.

The Norwood Affordable Housing Corporation

In January 2004 the Norwood Housing Authority formed this non-profit corporation to promote affordable housing in Norwood. The NHA was able to award to the NAHC a grant to use as a down payment on the pur- chase of a three unit building at 98 Nahatan Street. A mortgage was then secured from Norwood Bank for the balance.


Currently the NAHC Board is made up of seven members, which include 1 member of the NHA Board, Ms. Patricia Griffin Starr as president, and the Executive Director of the NHA as clerk of the corporation. Other members include, Mary Lou Fitzpatrick, Ms. Lois Maguire, Ms. Donna Doliner, Mr. John Galvani, and Mr. Scott Murphy.


The NAHC is a 501-3 (c) non-profit organization. The NAHC Board is always looking for additional opportunities to provide affordable housing in Norwood.

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