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Open Public Meeting Notice December 16, 2021 at 4:30pm


There will be a Regular Meeting of the Norwood Housing Authority on Thursday December 16, 2021. Said meeting will be held at the Frank L. Walsh Housing Development, located at 40 William Shyne Circle, Norwood, Massachusetts. The meeting will be called to order at 4:30 P.M.

The Chair anticipates discussion of the following:

· Roll Call

· Approval of the Minutes

o Regular Meeting of November 18, 2021

Consent Agenda

· Payment of the Bills

· Resident Notices / Publications (NAHRO Monitor/PHADA)

· Correspondence / RSC – Activities – MH – NV – WW/Walsh

Executive Director’s Report

· Monthly Financials

· FY 2025 Formula Funding

· Maintenance Opening – Maintenance Laborer 1

· New phone system

· PHN 2021-22 Property Insurance - $7.00 increase from 2020

· 2022 Board Meeting Schedule

· Covid-19 Update

· House Bill H.4219 – An Act relative to immediate COVID-19 recovery needs

· The Executive Director will report on other notable activities of the Authority

Old and New Business:

· Modernization/Major work items

➢ Maguire Balcony Repair – Progress report

➢ Nahatan Village Roadway Repairs

➢ Walsh S8/NC Windows Replacement

➢ Willow Wood Chimney Repair

➢ Washington Heights Siding and Stairways

· DHCD PMR Results (Unpublished Year)

· Reports

o Vacancy Report

o Work Order Report

o Overtime Report

o Police Report

· Any Other New Business / Board Member reports/requests

· Adjournment

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